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A full-service marketing agency that evolves with today’s rapidly changing environment.

web Design

Firewall rejection

From basic website development to custom interfaces and platforms geared towards engagement.


uptime monitoring

From logo design to placement; size, colour and style all play roles in creating a brands’ identity.


cost reduction

Engaging posts/lead ads on social media, online advertising and physical print advertising are just some of the solutions a full-service agency like r5 Media Lab can provide.

why us?

r5 Media Lab is here to bridge the gap between the Marketing Agency and the end product, being there for you, our client, from the design brief to the final execution.

Data Driven

Using the latest industry data and working with many different trend-identifying and monitoring software, r5 Media Lab creates strategies based on facts and numbers.


Problem Solvers

Our dedicated service means that we are here for you at all times. The ability to react and adapt in quickly changing circumstances is a challenge we rise to accept as a part of today’s ever-changing business climate.


Creating thoughtfully targeted campaigns to reach your goal is our goal. Whether it be lead generation, increased engagement or promotion, r5 Media Lab makes full use of our full-service offering to round out the communication and reach the right audience.

Here for you

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Dedicated team members are there for you every step of the way. r5 Media lab has your success in mind in every decision we make.